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ComTec® Pull and ComTec® Pull PLUS are available for all phases of the composting process. Depending on the application, circumstances  and the tunnel dimensions  (and thus the total compost weight) the product can be used 25 (phase 1) till 50 (phase 2/3) pulls. Please consult our technical team for your specific situation.

As a result of the weaving technique, ComTec® Pull and ComTec® Pull PLUS have a very open structure and consequently enable a very high air flow. In other words, there is less resistance for the air to flow through, resulting in a reduction of energy costs, as compared with other products on the market place.

The main factors for replacing the ComTec® Pull or ComTec® Pull PLUS are remaining strength, air flow and possibly damage to the net, however at the end the most important parameter for the use of a tunnel net are the cost per pull.

Because of the fact that both ComTec® Pull and ComTec® Pull PLUS are made out of one polymer (polysteel) the forces in the entire net are activated during the pulling process. This is different for tunnel nets consisting of diffent polymers, which have different elongations at break (stress strain). The different polymer yarns in the net are not ‘’working together’’, but the forces are activated at different stages in the pulling process, possibly leading to tearing or other disturbances during the pulling process.


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